Erik van Doorn

Erik van DoornResearch Associate (Prof. Matz-Lück)

post-doctoral project in Kiel Marine Science: 'Seabed resources: assessing values and risks of exploitation'

Westring 400, room 3.55
Phone: +49 431 880 2041

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Curriculum Vitae


Curriculum Vitae


Selected publications

  • E. van Doorn, ‘The Law of the Sea Convention: Lasting Paradigm of Territory’ in: M. Kocsis (ed.), Global Encyclopedia of Territorial Rights (Cham, 2020)
  • A. Franke, T. Blenckner, C.M. Duarte, K. Ott, L.E. Fleming, A. Antia, T.B.H. Reusch, C. Bertram, J. Hein, U. Kronfeld-Goharani, J. Dierking, A. Kuhn, C. Sato, E. van Doorn, M. Wall, M. Schartau, R. Karez, L. Crowder, D. Keller, A. Engel, U. Hentschel & E. Prigge, ‘Operationalizing Ocean Health: Toward Integrated Research on Ocean Health and Recovery to Achieve Ocean Sustainability‘ 2 One Earth 6 (June 2020) 557-565
  • C. Marandino, E. van Doorn, N. McDonald, M. Johnson, B. Açma, E. Brévière, H. Campen, S. Carou, E. Cocco, S. Endres, N. Hilmi, F. Hopkins, P. Liss, F. Maes, M. Mårtensson, J. Oeffner, M. Oloyede, A. Peters, B. Quack, P. Singh & H. Thomas, ‘From Monodisciplinary via Multidisciplinary to an Interdisciplinary Approach Investigating Air-Sea Interactions – a SOLAS Initiative’ 48 Coastal Management 4 (2020) 238-256
  • E. van Doorn, ‘Resource Access Under the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea’ in: M. Kocsis (ed.), Global Encyclopedia of Territorial Rights (Cham, 2020)
  • E. van Doorn & S. F. Gahlen, 'Legal aspects of marine spatial planning' in: K.L. Yates & C.J.A. Bradshaw, Offshore Energy and Marine Spatial Planning (London & New York, 2018) 74-87.

Book reviews

  • E. van Doorn, 'A.L. Jaeckel, The International Seabed Authority and the Precautionary Principle Balancing Deep Seabed Mineral Mining and Marine Environmental Protection, Boston, Brill Nijhoff, 2017' 31 Leiden Journal of International Law 2 (June 2018) 435-439
  • E. van Doorn, ‘Michael Bowman/Peter Davies/Edward Goodwin (eds.): Research Handbook on Biodiversity and Law. Cheltenham & Northampton, Massachusetts 2016’ 59 German Yearbook of International Law (2016) 627-631
  • E. van Doorn, 'Michael W. Lodge and Myron H. Nordquist (eds) Peaceful Order in the World’s Oceans: Essays in Honor of Satya N. Nandan (Leiden: Brill | Nijhoff) 2014' 31 International Journal of Marine and Coastal Law (2016) 191-197

Selected lectures

  • 2019 lecturer at the IFLOS Summer Academy in Hamburg, Germany
  • summer term 2019 lecturer 'International Law of the Sea' at Kiel University, Germany
  • 2018 lecturer at the SOLAS Summer School in Cargèse, Corsica, France
  • summer terms 2017 & 2019 and winter terms 2019/2020 lecturer 'International Law of Marine Resources' at Kiel University, Germany
  • winter term 2013/2014 & summer terms 2015-2019 lecturer 'Milestones of International Jurisprudence' at Kiel University, Germany
  • November 2013 guest lecturer at the University of Essex, England
  • 2013, 2014 & 2015 lecturer in international law at the summer school for University of Utah students in Kiel, Germany


Selected presentations