Submission Requirements


The yearly call for paper will specify a deadline for submissions, usually October 1st.


Submission of Manuscripts

Original Work

Please note that before an article is put forward for consideration in the GYIL, authors MUST confirm whether the article they wish to submit has only been submitted to the GYIL, that the article has NOT been previously published and is NOT currently under consideration with another Journal and/or Publisher.

Technical Requirements

Authors are required to submit an electronic version of the text to the Managing Editor via email at yearbook[at]

Length Requirements

Word counts for manuscripts vary by section and according to the nature of the subject matter discussed. These word counts are therefore intended as guidance to authors rather than as strict requirements. Submissions significantly above or below these ranges may be returned to authors for revision. All word counts are inclusive of footnotes.

  • Forum, Focus and General Articles: 10,000-12,500 words
  • German Practice Reports: 1,500-6,000 words
  • Book Reviews: 750-1,500 words


Abstract and Keywords

Manuscripts intended for the Forum, Focus and General Articles sections should also include a 100-200 word abstract and 6 to 8 keywords which will be incorporated into the Editors’ introduction and also be published in the GYIL’s online table of contents and used for indexing purposes.

Statement of Affiliation

Authors should provide a brief statement of affiliation in the first footnote of their manuscripts.

Style and Citation Requirements

Style Guide

Please find the GYIL Style Guide here.


Submissions should be saved in a standard format (Times New Roman or Arial) with unjustified right margins, 1.5 line spacing and without automatic hyphenation.

Articles should abide to the House Style of the GYIL and be submitted in MS Word or WordPerfect. Please refer to the Style Guide for detailed information on preparing and submitting manuscripts.


All information quoted or relied upon from other sources (whether published or unpublished) must be fully and correctly cited in footnotes.


The Journal publishes articles in British English.

Please find the complete GYIL stylesheet here (PDF).

GYIL Structure

The GYIL consists of the following sections:


The Forum section gives an invited author the opportunity to publish a thought-provoking extended essay on a significant topic in international law. This is a stand-alone piece solicited by the Editors from a prominent scholar in international law.

  • submissions by invitation only
  • reviewed by the Editors



The Focus section gives a group of invited authors an opportunity to present original research and commentary on different aspects of a topic decided in advance by the Editors. Authors are invited to contribute on the basis of their expertise in a given area. The Editors seek a broad spectrum of authors to stimulate academic debate.

  • submissions by invitation only
  • reviewed by the Editors



The Symposium section publishes a variety of materials presented at and resulting from conferences and lecture series organised by the Walther Schücking Institute dealing with a particular issue in international law. This section does not appear in every volume.

  • submissions by invitation only
  • reviewed by the Editors


General Articles

The General Articles section gives authors an opportunity to submit original manuscripts on a broad range of topics in international law. The Editors encourage authors from both inside and outside Germany to submit manuscripts to ensure broad geographic representation in authorship and subject matter.

  • open to all submissions
  • peer-reviewed


German Practice

The German Practice section gives (primarily, but not exclusively, German) authors an opportunity to discuss current state practice in Germany relevant to international law. This section presents shorter reports rather than extended essays.

  • open to all submissions
  • reviewed by the Editors


Book Reviews

The Book Review section gives authors an opportunity to publish review essays and short reviews of recent publications in public international law. We are particularly interested in expanding international interest in German and German-language scholarship in international law.

  • open to all submissions
  • reviewed by the Editors

Call for Papers

The GYIL issues a yearly call for papers.

Generally, submissions from the entire academic community are welcomed. Articles will be independently peer-reviewed by a board of renowned experts. All work submitted will be scrutinised based on its intellectual quality and its advancement of academic discourse.

Submission Guidelines
Papers submitted should be in English, be between 10,000-12,500 words (inclusive of footnotes), and conform with the house style of the GYIL (see GYIL Style Sheet section). Submissions, including a brief abstract, statement of affiliation, and confirmation of exclusive submission, should be sent by 1st of October 2021 to the Managing Editor of the GYIL via e-mail:

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Peer Review

Background Information on the Peer-Review Process

The GYIL seeks to publish thought-provoking and influential articles that will advance academic understanding of international law. The peer-review process is intended to enhance the quality of research by providing authors with feedback on submitted materials and constructive suggestions for consideration and revision where appropriate. The review process is conducted under strict considerations of anonymity in order to ensure absolute objectivity. The Editors of the GYIL will never disclose the identities of reviewers to authors or other reviewers, nor will the Editors disclose the identities of authors to the reviewers. Final responsibility for decisions to publish remains with the Editors.

Guidelines and Procedures for Peer Review for General Articles


Reviewers are contacted in recognition of their expertise in the given subject matter. The review process is conducted completely anonymously. Reviewers are asked to evaluate manuscripts for their academic rigor, relevance and adherence to the GYIL’s style and in light of the journal’s goals. A minimum of two reviewers are selected for each article. Reviewers are required to make any conflicts of interest known to the Editors and to uphold the confidentiality of the materials provided for review. Although reviewers make an overall recommendation on whether the manuscript should be published in the GYIL, the final responsibility for the decision to publish remains with the Editors.

Please refer to the ‘Guidelines for Peer Review’ for more detailed information.


Authors receive anonymous reviews of their submitted materials from at least two qualified reviewers who have evaluated the materials according to the Guidelines for Peer Review. Authors always retain their academic independence and are in no way required to incorporate th feedback provided by reviewers. When resubmitting their manuscripts, authors should prepare a brief response to the Editors explaining where changes were made. Should they disagree with a reviewer’s comments or decide against making the suggested revisions, authors are asked to justify their decision to the Editors who will take this into account when making the final decision to publish.

Rights & Obligations

Editors’ Rights

The Editors accept manuscripts with the understanding that the contents are original, unpublished material and have not been submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors submitting manuscripts for consideration for our General Articles section consent to the peer review process and expressly confirm that their manuscripts are not under consideration with another journal. Double submissions will be rejected without exception. Authors intending to republish GYIL articles or use previously published materials as part of a GYIL article must indicate their intentions at the time they accept the invitation to publish. The Editors reserve the right to edit contributions. The Editors reserve the right to return articles unpublished if they do not meet GYIL standards regarding substance. If an article is accepted for publication but does not conform to the GYIL Style Guide and Guidelines for Authors, the Editors reserve the right to return the article to the author for revision. Authors agree to comply with set deadlines for revisions and reviews of proofs to the best of their abilities. If the author revises and returns the article or proofs to the Editors on time according to publication deadlines, the article will appear in the same volume of the GYIL. If the articles or proofs are not revised, corrected, and returned in time to be included in the current yearbook, the Editors may consider the article for the following yearbook in view of the timeliness of the topic. There is no guarantee of publication in the following volume if the deadlines are not respected. Authors are solely responsible for the content of both text and footnotes.

Authors’ Rights

Authors will have the opportunity to review and approve proofs of their articles prior to publication, provided that the articles and corrected proofs are submitted in a timely manner. Revisions not submitted by a date agreed upon between the author and the Editors will not be considered. Authors have the right to make corrections to the proofs prior to printing, conscious of deadlines and bearing in mind the Editors’ request that only minor alterations and corrections be made to proofs. Authors of full articles will receive a bound copy of the GYIL containing their article and additional off-prints. Authors of German Practice reports and Book Reviews receive off-prints of their articles.