Vol. 60 (2017)

German Yearbook of International Law Vol. 60 (2017) - Contents


Ingo Winkelmann
Antonio “Tono” Eitel † (1933-2017)

11- 14

Forum – The Relationship between African States and the International Criminal Court

Gerhard Werle and Moritz Vormbaum
African States, the African Union, and the International Criminal Court: A Continuing Story

17- 42

Dire Tladi
Of Heroes and Villains, Angels and Demons: The ICC-AU Tension Revisited

43- 68

Focus – International Law and the Dehumanisation of Activities

Helmut Philipp Aust
“The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness”: The Future of Human Rights Law in the Light of Algorithmic Authority

71- 90

Thomas Burri
International Law and Artificial Intelligence

91- 108

Aldo Chircop
Testing International Legal Regimes: The Advent of Automated Commercial Vessels

109- 142

Stephan Hobe and Benjamyn I. Scott
International Civil Aviation and the Dehumanisation of Activities

143- 172

Stefan A. Kaiser
Legal Challenges of Automated and Automated Systems

173- 202

Nicholas Tsagourias and Russell Buchan
Automatic Cyber Defence and the Laws of War

203- 238

Antje von Ungern-Sternberg
Artificial Agents and General Principles of Law

239- 266

Walther Schücking Lecture

Philip Allott
Beyond War and Diplomacy: A Giant Step for Mankind

269- 312

Special Section – Towards Utopia: Rethinking International Law

Jens T. Theilen, Isabelle Hassfurther, and Wiebke Staff
Guest Editors’ Introduction: Towards Utopia – Rethinkin International Law

315- 335

Jens T. Theilen
Of Wonder and Changing the World: Philip Allott’sLegal Utopianism

335- 364

Ka Lok Yip
What is Human? Reading Social Idealism against the Reality of Blackman and Azaria

365- 392

Radhika Jagtap
Resistance through Utopia: Reflections on the Niyamgiri Anti-Mining Movement and International Law

393- 422

Wiebke Staff
Customary International Law: A Vehicle on the Road from Istopia to Eutopia?

423- 450

Isabelle Hassfurther
Transforming the “International unsociety”: Towards Eutopia by Means of International Recognition of Peoples’ Representatives

451- 480

Dorothy Makazy
Towards Afrotopia: The AU Withdrawal Strategy Document, the ICC, and the Possibility of Pluralistic Utopias

481- 514

Severin Meier
The Influence of Utopian Projects on the Interpretation of International Law and the Healthy Myth of Objectivity

515- 538

Marnie LLoydd
Persistent Tensions? International Legal Perspectives on ‘Other’ Foreign Fighters

539- 574

Michelle Staggs Kelsall
From a Stark Utopia to Everyday Utopias

575- 606

Rossana Deplano
Building Pragmatic Utopias: The “Other” Security Council, International Law, and the United Nations Dream

607- 636

General Articles

Peter Lawrence and Lukas Köhler
Representation of Future Generations through International Climate Litigatoin: A Normative Framework

639- 666

Anja Seibert-Fohr
From Complicity to Due Diligence: When Do States Incur Responsibility for Their Involvement in Serious International Wrongdoing?

667- 707

German Practice

Avril Rushe
Same-Sex Marriage under the Grundgesetz and the European Convention on Human Rights

711- 730

Isabelle Hassfurther
Will There Be “Justice for Syria”? The Assad Regime in German Courts

731- 750

Felix Würkert
The German Past between Collectives and Individuals

751- 762

Tobias Thienel
Application and Repeal of the Offence of Insulting Foreign Heads of State: The Böhmermann Affair

763- 772

Alena Kunstreich
Prohibition or Non-Proliferation? Germany’s Point of View Concerning the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and Effective Nuclear Arms Control and Disarmament

773- 784

Markus Gentzsch and Marc Becker
PSPP: Curtain Up for a New Act in the Drama “German Federal Constitutional Court versusEuropean Court of Justice”

785- 797

Book Reviews

ONUMA Yasuaki: International Law in a Transcivilizational World (Tomuschat)   801
Andrzej Jakubowski/Karolina Wierczyńska (eds.): Fragmentation vs the Constitutionalisation of International Law: A Practical Inquiry (Krzan)   804
Rosalyn Higgins/Philippa Webb/Dapo Akande/Sandesh Sivakumaran/James Sloan: Oppenheim’s International Law: United Nations (Krzan)   806
Nobuo Hayashi/Cecilia M. Bailliet (eds.): The Legitimacy of International Criminal Tribunals (O’Keffe)   808
Christine Chinkin/Mary Kaldor: International Law and New Wars (Kolb)   811
Marina Lostal: INternational Cultural Heritage Law in Armed Conflict: Case-Studies of Syria, Libya, Mali, the Invasion of Iraq, and the Buddhas of Bamiyan (Gavira Díaz)   816
Brian D. Lepard (ed.): Reexamining Customary International Law (Rushe)   820
Anne Peters: Beyond Human rights. The Legal Status of the Individual in International Law (Roeder)   823
C.J. Jenner/Tran Truong Thuy (eds.): The South China Sea: A Crucible of Regional Cooperation or Conflict-making Sovereignty Claims? (Ye)   825
Daniel Bodansky/Jutta Brunnée/Lavanya Rajamani: International Climate Change Law (Schlacke and Huggins)   828
Andreas Kulick (ed.) Reassertion of Control over the Investment Treaty Regime (Hoppe)   830