Vol. 55 (2012)

Vol. 55 (2012) of the German Yearbook of International Law leads with the Arab Uprisings and International Law in the Forum section, dealing with the legal issues surrounding intervention, responsibility to protect, humanitarian intervention, authorisation by Security Council, NATO’s involvement, assistance to insurgents, political interests, Democracy, Islamic law, Rule of Law, immunities relating to Heads of State, accountability, right to resist oppression, and the effect of the Arab revolutions.

Our Focus section brings into the spotlight the near-memory tumultuous disasters (natural and human-made) experienced around the world. The section deals with the legal questions surrounding Disaster Preparedness and Response. It discusses the current status of international disaster response law involving issues such as nuclear accidents, humanitarian principles and assistance, responsibility to protect, internationally-wrongful acts, State responsibility, sustainability and the environment, drawing on various organisations (international, regional and organisational bodies) and groups to give clarity to these issues.

Our General Articles section features diverse articles on State and jurisdictional immunities in light of the ICJ concerning Germany v. Italy, issues surrounding the recent General Comment No. 21by the ICESCR Committee on Article 15 (1) (a) of the ICESCR relating to cultural and minority rights, a discussion on the issues on Pilot-Judgments and Structural Problem encountered in the European Court of Human Rights, the hotly contested question concerning Whaling and the rights of indigenous peoples – which also deals with the Conflict of Treaties and the International Whaling Com­mission. Other articles cover the subjects dealing with Mercantile Metaconstitutionalism corresponding to World Trade Organization, developing countries and trade agreements, and legal issues and the effect of Scotland’s independence in relation to the United Nations and the European Union.

This year the German Practice is headed with articles from the Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations in New York and Head of Political Department and Security Council Political Coordinator for Germany, and the Permanent Representative of Germany to the United Nations. The articles under this section look the activities in 2012 of the UN Security Council and International Law, and Germany’s Chairmanship of the Al-Qaida/Taliban Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council. Other articles cover Germany’s legal dealings within international realm.

We thank all of our authors for making this volume possible.

German Yearbook of International Law Vol. 55 (2012) - Contents

Forum – The Arab Spring and International Law

Jean-Yves de Cara
The Arab Uprisings Under the Light of Intervention

Abstract & Keywords


Javaid Rehman & Eleni Polymenopoulou
Justice After Democracy in the Arab World: Islamic Law Perspectives on Accountability

Abstract & Keywords


Focus Section – Disaster Preparedness and Response

David Fisher
The Future of International Disaster Response Law

Abstract & Keywords


Walter Kälin
The Human Rights Dimension of Natural or Human-Made Disasters

Abstract & Keywords


Sara E. Davies
Natural Disasters and the Responsibility to Protect

Abstract & Keywords


Rebecca M. Bratspies
State Responsibility for Human-Induced Environmental Disasters

Abstract & Keywords


Dirk Hanschel
Prevention, Preparedness and Assistance Concerning Nuclear Accidents – Effective International Legal Framework or Patchwork?

Abstract & Keywords


Markus Kotzur
European Union Law on Disaster Preparedness and Response

Abstract & Keywords


General Articles

Rosanne van Alebeek
Jurisdictional Immunities of the State (Germany v. Italy): On Right Outcomes and Wrong Terms

Abstract & Keywords


Marco Calisto
Jurisdictional Immunities of the State: Germany v. Italy Before the ICJ from an Italian Perspective

Abstract & Keywords


Athanasios Yupsanis
The Meaning of ‘Culture’ in Article 15 (1)(a) of the ICESCR – Positive Aspects of CESCR’s General Comment No. 21 for the Safeguarding of Minority Cultures

Abstract & Keywords


Mart Susi
The Definition of a ‘Structural Problem’ in the Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights Since 2010

Abstract & Keywords


Malgosia Fitzmaurice
Indigenous Whaling and Environmental Protection

Abstract & Keywords


Prabhakar Singh
Mercantile Metaconstitutionalism: Interpretation of the WTO Treaty and the Developing Countries

Abstract & Keywords


Nicholas Tsagourias
Scotland: Independence and Membership of the UN and the EU

Abstract & Keywords


German Practice

Christophe Eick
The UN Security Council and International Law in 2012


Peter Wittig
Making UN Sanctions Work: Germany’s Chairmanship of the Al- Qaida/Taliban Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council


Antje Siering
Germany’s Contribution to the Protection of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services by Hosting the IPBES Secretariat in the UN City of Bonn


Nicholas English & Felix Bieker
Upholding Data Protection Law Against Multinational Corporations: German Administrative Measures Relating to Facebook


Christoph Seidler
European Commission v. Germany: The Data Retention Directive – Legal or Political Issue?


Patrick Braasch
Margin of Appreciation or a Victimless Crime? The European Court of Human Rights on Consensual Incest of Adult Siblings


Julia Gebhard & Johannes Fuchs
Equal (Enough), at Last? Latest ECtHR Jurisprudence in Ahrens v. Germany and Kautzor v. Germany on the Rights of Biological Fathers


Rainer Grote
The ECHR’s Rulings in von Hannover v. Germany (No. 2) and Axel Springer AG v. Germany: Rebalancing Freedom of the Press with the Respect for Privacy


Julia Müller
The Arrest of G8 Protestors: The Contested Legitimacy of Preventive Detention


Stephanie Schlickewei
Preventive Detention Revisited Before the ECtHR: O.H. v. Germany


Julia Glocke
German Measures Against Islamic Extremist Organisation Upheld in Strasbourg: Hizb Ut-Tahrir and Others v. Germany


Tobias Thienel
The Appointment of Public Officials, Interim Measures and Article 6
of the ECHR


Hans Michael Heinig & Stefan Kirchner
Private Prayer in Public Schools: The Judgment of the German Federal Administrative Court of 30 November 2011


Andrea Meyer
Handling of Somali Pirates from Capture Until Transfer to Kenyan Authorities in Accordance with International Law?


Book Reviews

Louise Doswald-Beck: Human Rights in Times of Conflict and Terrorism (Johann) 713  
Saelo Gumedze: The Peace and Security Council of the African Union – Its Relationship
with the United Nations, the African Union and Sub-Regional Mechanisms
Andrew Lang:World Trade Law After Neoliberalism – Re-imagining the Global Economic Order (Maggio) 716  
Sir Hersch Lauterpacht: The Function of Law in the International Community (Jia) 718  
MarkoMilanovic: Extraterritorial Application ofHuman Rights Treaties (Hofmann) 721  
William Schabas: Unimaginable Atrocities – Justice, Politics, and Rights at the War
Crimes Tribunals (Fuchs)
Bert Swart/Alexander Zahar/Göran Sluiter (eds.): The Legacy of the International
Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (Waters)
Antonios Tzanakopoulos: Disobeying the Security Council (Skordas) 731  
Helmut Volger/Norman Weiß (eds.): Die Vereinten Nationen vor globalen Herausforderungen
– Referate der Potsdamer UNO-Konferenzen 2000–2008 (Kohoutek)
Books received 741