Vol. 53 (2010)

Vol. 53 (2010) of the German Yearbook of International Law examines the issue of climate change from a variety of different legal perspectives. This volume contains articles from prominent scholars on state responsibility, trade and human rights, the evolving nature of the precautionary principle, biodiversity conservation, environmentally-induced migration, sea-level rise and maritime boundaries, climate change from the perspective of the Third World and the environmental impacts of changes in the European Union’s energy policies. We are also pleased to examine China’s approach to international law in our Forus section. Our General Articles section reflects critical developments in 2010 including the referendum in Southern Sudan, the review conference for the Rome Statute of the ICC, the ICJ’s Advisory Opinion on Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence and several decisions of US federal courts widening the scope of the Alien Torts Statute among other outstanding articles. Thank you to all of our authors for making this volume possible.

German Yearbook of International Law Vol. 53 (2010) - Contents

Forum – Perspectives on International Law from China

Bing Bing Jia
A Synthesis of the Notion of Sovereignty and the Ideal of the Rule of Law: Reflections on the Contemporary Chinese Approach to International Law

Abstract & Keywords

11 -64

Focus Section – Climate Change and New Challenges for International Law

Alexander Proelss
International Environmental Law and the Challenge of Climate Change

Abstract & Keywords

65 -88

Malgosia Fitzmaurice
Responsibility and Climate Change

Abstract & Keywords

89 -138

Philipp Aerni, Bertram Boie, Thomas Cottier, Kateryna Holzer, Dannie Jost, Baris Karapinar, Sofya Matteotti, Olga Nartova, Tetyana Payosova, Luca Rubini, Anirudh Shingal, Fitzgerald Temmerman, Elena Xoplaki, Sadeq Z. Bigdeli
Climate Change and International Law: Exploring the Linkages between Human Rights, Environment, Trade and Investment

Abstract & Keywords

139 -188

Clive Schofield
Rising Waters, Shrinking States: The Potential Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Claims to Maritime Jurisdiction

Abstract & Keywords

189 -232

Jane McAdam & Ben Saul
Displacement with Dignity: International Law and Policy Responses to Climate Change Migration and Security in Bangladesh

Abstract & Keywords

233 -288

Michael Bowman
Conserving Biological Diversity in an Era of Climate Change: Local Implementation of International Wildlife Treaties

Abstract & Keywords

288 -340

Joyeeta Gupta
Climate Change: A GAP Analysis Based on Third World Approaches to International Law

Abstract & Keywords

341 -370

Wybe Douma
Legal Aspects of the European Union’s Biofuels Policy: Protection or Protectionism?

Abstract & Keywords

371 -422

General Articles

Foreword from the Editors

423 -424

Günther Handl
In Re South African Apartheid Litigation and Beyond: Corporate Liability for Aiding and Abetting Under the Alien Tort Statute

Abstract & Keywords

425 -462

Kai Ambos
The Crime of Aggression after Kampala

Abstract & Keywords

463 -510

Kerstin Odendahl
The Scope of Application of the Principle of Territorial Integrity

Abstract & Keywords

511 -540

Charles Riziki Majinge
Southern Sudan and the Struggle for Self-Determination in Contemporary Africa: Examining its Basis Under International Law

Abstract & Keywords

541 -578

Anastasios Gourgourinis
Lex Specialis in WTO and Investment Protection Law

Abstract & Keywords

579 -622

Anne Peters
Extraterritorial Naturalizations: Between the Human Right to Nationality, State Sovereignty and Fair Principles of Jurisdiction

Abstract & Keywords

623 -726

Pietro Pustorino
Failed States and International Law: The Impact of UN Practice on Somalia in Respect of Fundamental Rules of International Law

Abstract & Keywords

727 -752

Patrick Kroker
Transitional Justice Policy in Practice: Victim Participation in the Khmer Rouge Tribunal

Abstract & Keywords

753 -792

Karin Oellers-Frahm
Problematic Question or Problematic Answer? Observations on the International Court of Justice’s Advisory Opinion Concerning Kosovo’s Unilateral Declaration of Independence

Abstract & Keywords

793 -832

German Practice

Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg & Peter Dreist
The 2009 Kunduz Air Attack: The Decision of the Federal Prosecutor-General on the Dismissal of Criminal Proceedings Against Members of the German Armed Forces

833 -866

Thomas Giegerich
The Federal Constitutional Court’s Non-Sustainable Role as Europe’s Ultimate Arbiter: From Age Discrimination to the Saving of the Euro

867 -884

Thomas Giegerich & Oliver Daum
Chechen Rebels as “Bona Fide Refugees”? The Judgment of the Federal Administrative Court of 24 November 2009

885 -896

Danja Blöcher
Retraction of Definitive Administrative Acts After a Change in Case Law

897 -906

Philipp Wennholz
Refugee Protection for a Leading War Criminal? The Judgment of the Munich Higher Administrative Court of 11 January 2010

907 -916

Hendrik Wieduwilt
The German Federal Constitutional Court Puts the Data Retention Directive on Hold

917 -926

Alexander Proelss
Enforcement of the Obligation to Refer to the European Court of Justice Under Article 267 (3) TFEU

927 -934

Monika Krivickaite & Hans-Christian Schröder
The New German Federal Nature Conservation Act in the Context of the International Law of the Sea

935 -944

Berenike Schriewer
Gäfgen v. Germany Revisited

945 -952

Wiebke Staff
Germany’s National Preventive Mechanism Under the Optional Protocol to the UN Convention Against Torture

953 -962

Tobias Thienel
Human Rights of Biological Fathers v. Hard and Fast Rules: The Case of Anayo v. Germany

963 -972

Jule Siegfried, Berenike Schriewer & Patrick Braasch
The Withdrawal of Germany’s Unilateral Statement on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

973 -980

Patrick Braasch
Deportation of Foreign Nationals Under Article 12 (4) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

981 -986

Felix Bieker & Lorenz Frahm
Follow-Up: The Implementation of the ECtHR’s Judgment in the Case M. v. Germany

987 -992

Amir Makee Mosa & Friederike Seesko
Can the 2008 Framework Decision on the Fight against Organized Crime Influence German Criminal Law?

993 -998

Pierre Zickert
German Legal Protection Against the European Patent Organisation and other International Organizations

999 -1002

Oliver Daum
Follow-Up: The Zaunegger v. Germany Case

1003 -1006

Patrick Braasch
Follow-Up: The European Court of Human Rights’ Pilot Judgment on Excessive Length of Proceedings Before German Courts

1007 -1012

Book Reviews

Hirad Abtahi/Philippa Webb: The Genocide Convention: The Travaux Préparatoires (Tams)   1013
M. Cherif Bassiouni (ed.): The Pursuit of International Criminal Justice: A World Study on Conflicts, Victimization and Post-Conflict Justice (Elberling) 1014 -1016
Markus Benzing: Das Beweisrecht vor internationalen Gerichten und Schiedsgerichten in zwischenstaatlichen Streitigkeiten; and Michelle T. Grando: Evidence, Proof, and Fact-Finding in WTO Dispute Settlement (Tams) 1017 -1018
Anthony Cullen: The Concept of Non-International Armed Conflict in International Humanitarian Law (Geiss) 1019 -1020
Yoram Dinstein: The International Law of Belligerent Occupation (Clarke) 1021 -1023
Yuval Ginbar: Why Not Torture Terrorists? Moral, Practical and Legal Aspects of the ‘Ticking Bomb’ Justification for Torture; and Jeremy Waldron: Torture, Terror and Trade-Offs – Philosophy for the White House (Schriewer) 1024 -1026
Vaughan Lowe/Stefan Talmon: The Legal Order of the Oceans. Basic Documents on the Law of the Sea (Jia)   1027
Noam Lubell: Extraterritorial Use of Force Against Non-State Actors (Geiss) 1028 -1030
Daniel Thürer: Völkerrecht als Fortschritt und Chance – Grundidee Gerechtigkeit (Hobe) 1031 -1034
David Weissbrodt: The Human Rights of Non-Citizens (Purcell) 1035 -1041
Carl-Sebastian Zoellner: Das Transparenzprinzip im internationalen Wirtschaftsrecht – Konturen und Perspektiven des transparenzrelevanten Einwirkens auf die innerstaatliche Rechts- und Verwaltungspraxis (Krajewski) 1042 -1044
Books received   1045