Vol. 51 (2008)

Vol. 51 (2008) of the German Yearbook of International Law examines the issue of poverty in international law, taking a critical look at the Millennium Development Goals, hunger and international trade policy, debt crises in developing countries and the effectiveness of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in realizing their international legal obligations. Further articles examine local participation as a prerequisite for sustainable development, the relationship of migration and development, the evolution of the European Community’s approach to development cooperation and poverty and human rights remedies in developed countries.

German Yearbook of International Law Vol. 51 (2008) - Contents


Pieter Jan Kuijper

Superpower Frustrated? The Costs of Non-Lisbon in EU External Affairs

9 -38

Focus Section – Poverty as a Challenge to International Law: The Millennium Development Goals and the Guise of Humanitarianism

Margot E. Salomon
Poverty, Privilege and International Law: The Millennium Development Goals and the Guise of Humanitarianism

39 -74

Christine Kaufmann & Mirina Grosz
Poverty, Hunger and International Trade: What’s Law Got to Do with It? Current Mechanisms and the Doha Development Agenda

75 -110

Daniel Bradlow
Developing Countries Debt Crises, International Financial Institutions, and International Law: Some Preliminary Thoughts

111 -142

Edith Brown Weiss & Tanya Karina Lat
Engaging the World’s Poor People in Sustainable Development

143 -182

Vincent Chetail
Paradigm and Paradox of the Migration-Development Nexus: The New Border for North-South Dialogue

183 -216

Karin Arts
The European Community’s Contribution to the Fight Against Poverty in Developing Countries: Normative and Real?

217 -250

Malcom Langford
Poverty in Developed States: International Human Rights Law and the Right to a Remedy

251 -288

General Articles

Robin Geiß
The Protection of Journalists in Armed Conflicts

289 -320

Sabine von Schorlemer
Compliance with the UNESCO World Heritage Convention: Reflections on the Elbe Valley and the Dresden Waldschlösschen Bridge

321 -390

Christian J. Tams & Andreas Zimmermann
“[T]he Federation Shall Accede to Agreements Providing for General, Comprehensive and Compulsory International Arbitration” – The German Optional Clause Declaration of 1 May 2008

391 -416

Alexander Proelss
Marine Genetic Resources under UNCLOS and the CBD

417 -446

Hiroshi Taki
Opinio Juris and the Formation of Customary International Law: A Theoretical Analysis

447 -466

Yoshifumi Tanaka
Rethinking Lex Ferenda in International Adjudication

467 -496

German Practice

Patrick Braasch & Sirko Fuhrmann
Die Rechtsprechung des Internationalen Gerichtshofes im Jahre 2008

497 -546

Henrike Martin, Katharina Will & Simon Hentrei
Die Rechtsprechung des Europäischen Gerichtshofes für Menschenrechte im Jahre 2008

547 -592

Clemens A. Müller & Tara Smith
The Work of the International Criminal Court in 2008

593 -640

Eleonor Fernández Muñoz, Britta Krings & Karl Molle
The Work of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Year 2008

641 -678

Mareike Fröhlich & Anja Trautmann
Die Rechtsprechung des WTO-Streitbeilegungsgremiums im Jahre 2008

679 -704

Julia Glocke & Saskia Klatte
Die Tätigkeit der International Law Commission im Jahre 2008

705 -728

Book Reviews

Philip Allott: Towards the International Rule of Law: Essays in Integrated Constitutional Theory (Tams) 729 -730
Armin von Bogdandy/Peter M. Huber (Hrsg.): Handbuch Ius Publicum Europaeum:
Band I: Grundlagen und Grundzüge staatlichen Verfassungsrechts;
Band II: Offene Staatlichkeit – Wissenschaft vom Verfassungsrecht (Giegerich)
731 -737
Bill Bowring: The Degradation of the International Legal Order? The Rehabilitation of Law and the Possibility of Politics (Elberling) 738 -740
Giuliana Ziccardi Capaldo: The Pillars of Global Law (Tams)   741
Olivier Corten: Le droit contre la guerre (Tams) 742 -744
Arthur Eyffinger: The 1907 Hague Peace Conference “The Conscience of the Civilized World” (Oellers-Frahm) 745 -749
Dieter Fleck (ed.): The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law (Johann) 750 -751
Ulrike Heckötter: Die Bedeutung der Europäischen Menschenrechtskonvention und der Rechtsprechung des EGMR für die deutschen Gerichte (Leitsch) 752 -753
Robert Kolb/Richard Heyde: An Introduction to the International Law of Armed Conflicts (Geiß) 754 -756
Manfred Nowak/Elizabeth McArthur (eds.): The United Nations Convention Against Torture, A Commentary (Geiß) 757 -758
Otto Triffterer (ed.): Commentary on the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court – Observer’s Notes, Article by Article (Elberling) 759 -761
Helmut Volger (Hrsg.): Grundlagen und Strukturen der Vereinten Nationen (Tietje) 762 -764