General Information about the LL.M. programme of the Faculty of Law, University of Kiel

The LL.M. programme of the Faculty of Law is a post-graduate course for students with a law degree from a foreign university. This programme shall intensify the international academic exchange and offers students from abroad the possibility to get a comprehensive insight into the German legal system as well as extensive knowledge about European and International Law.

Students are quite free in their choice of lectures, seminars and discussion groups. They can focus on different areas, such as National, International or European Law. LL.M. students are supervised by a professor of the Faculty of Law right from the start.

The programme runs for two semesters and is taught in German – there are only a few lectures given in English. The Magistra/Magister Legum (LL.M.) or the Magistra/Magister Legum Internationalium (LL.M.Int.) is awarded upon successful completion of the course.

For further details concerning admission, content of studies et al., please refer to the categories on the left.


Attention: Application deadline is 31 January 2021!