6. How is the LL.M. programme structured and which lectures can I/do I have to choose?

The Faculty of Law at the Christian Albrechts University, Kiel, allows the LL.M. candidates to choose the content of the LL.M. programme. There is only the obligation to participate in the lecture “Introduction to German Law” given in the winter semester. This is not obligatory if respective knowledge can be proven. Apart from that LL.M. candidates are free to choose their lectures from the comprehensive range on offer after agreement with the supervising professor. Thus, for example, they can immerse themselves into the principles of German Law and Constitutional System or in a particular specialist area.

Information about all offered lectures at the Faculty of Law can be found in the university calendar. In order to retrieve the university calendar you need to go to our lecture guide UNIVIS and choose “Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät” (Law Faculty). Under “Extras” you will find the link “Alle Veranstaltungen unter dieser Überschrift” – after clicking the link you will find a list of all lectures on offer. Please make sure you have chosen the correct semester; the task menu on the right contains a drop-down-button for the current semester – “SS” means Summer Semester (April – September) and “WS” for Winter Semester (October – March).