Information and choice of lectures

Choice of lectures

You are totally free in choosing your lectures but the Faculty of Law would strongly recommend that you participate in the lecture “Introduction to German Law”. There is, however, no obligation to do so.

Generally you may attend any lecture given at the University of Kiel, unless otherwise stipulated (e.g. due to restriction of admission). ECTS-Credits are only given for lectures in law – with one exception: The Faculty of Law provides specific language law courses in a foreign language, for such a course credits are also provided. [more]

How many ECTS/credits do you get for your chosen lectures?

For participating in a 1-hour-lecture per week 3 credits are given, that means that you get for a 2-hour-lecture per week 6 ECTS - but these ECTS/credits are only given if you pass the corresponding exam.

Information about lectures offered at the Faculty of Law / University of Kiel

Information about all offered lectures at the University of Kiel is found in the university calendar. In order to retrieve the university calendar of the Faculty of Law you need to go to our lecture guide UNIVIS and choose “Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät” (Law Faculty). Under “Extras” you will find the link “Alle Veranstaltungen unter dieser Überschrift” – after clicking this link you will find the list of all lectures to choose.