Towards Utopia - Rethinking International Law

19-20 August 2017

The Walther Schücking Institute for International Law at the University of Kiel is organising a two-day workshop entitled “Towards Utopia – Rethinking International Law”. It is aimed primarily at young international lawyers (PhD students or post-docs) and aims to explore progressive, unconventional thinking, new ways of approaching and using international law, and different visions for the “law of the future”. The workshop will be loosely structured around the utopian work of Professor Philip Allott, who has kindly agreed to join our discussion. Abstracts of around 750 words should be submitted to by 8 May 2017.

The call for papers with further information may be found here.

On the day before the workshop, Professor Allott will give the inaugural Walther Schücking Lecture on the topic of "Beyond War and Diplomacy: A Giant Step for Mankind". The lecture will be in English and take place at 4.15 pm in the "Alter Hebbel-Hörsaal" (Room 201, Ohlshausenstraße 40). A brief introduction (in German) may be found here.

Organising committee:

Isabelle Haßfurther
Wiebke Staff
Jens T. Theilen