WSI Library Terms of Use

Terms of Use of the Walther Schücking Library (Excerpt)

§ 1 General

The WSI Library is a reference library. Books can only be borrowed from the Library in exceptional cases and upon consultation.

§ 2 Authorised users

All members of the University are authorised to use the Library. Interested external academics, after having checked in at the Library reception, are also welcome to use the Library.

§ 3 Borrowing

Books can only be borrowed in exceptional cases, e.g. students with children and a special permission from the Library administration may borrow books overnight and/or over the weekend.

§ 4 Opening hours

  1. The opening hours of the Library are announced on the black board.
  2. Users preparing extensive papers, such as a dissertation or seminar paper, may work in the Library outside opening hours, provided that special arrangements were made beforehand. Users have to keep the doors to the Library closed. It is not permitted to let in third persons.


§ 6 Use of books

(1) Books must be handled with care and users should refrain from making any marks or annotations in books.

(2) Users are liable for any loss and damage to items of the Library collection. The Director of the Library decides with regard to the assertion of claims for compensation.


§ 9 Removal of books

(1) The location of books being removed temporarily or for longer periods [WSI members and exceptional cases only] needs to be marked with a replacement card indicating the name of the user, his/her table number, the date of removal and the bibliographic details. Replacement cards can be found on the shelves.

§ 10 Copying

Copying is permitted to the extent not prohibited by copyright laws in the case of specific books. Books must be handled with care when making copies. The person making copies is liable for damage.


§ 12 Obligations of users

(1) Users must treat each other with consideration and must act in such a manner that others are not disturbed. Mobile phones need to be switched off upon entering the Library. Smoking, eating, and drinking are not permitted inside the Library.

Instructions from library staff must be complied with.

(2) Coats, bags, etc. must be stored in the lockers on the ground floor and cannot be taken inside the Library.

(3) The Library staff reserves the right to carry out inspections from time to time to ensure that the rules of the Library are being followed.