United Nations Depository Library

In October 1948, the first United Nations Depository Library in Germany was established at the Walther Schücking Institute. Today, the network of depository libraries consists of about 350 libraries in more than 134 countries, five of which are located in Germany . As a UN Depository, the WSI receives and collects all documents and publications of the United Nations in English since 1948. It ensures that the general public can access the material free of charge. The inventory includes around 16,800 volumes (last update: 1/1/2021).

The following publications are available:

  • Official records of main organs of the United Nations, monographs, journals, and periodicals published since 1948
  • Masthead documents (i.e., working documents) of main and subsidiary organs
  • Indices
    • UNDOC (United Nations Document Index; available until the year 2007)
    • Index to the Proceedings of the General Assembly, the Economic and Social Council, and the Security Council
  • Documents and publications of specialized agencies of the United Nations (a selection)


Research Catalogue

Until 2009, the UN Depository Library has had its own catalogue. Now the inventory is listed in the catalogue of the GBV (Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund) and can be searched online via the main catalogue of the University Library.

Contact Person

Jana Kostorz  will answer any questions you may have regarding the UN Depository Library and the research of online resources of the United Nations.