Research Guides

The complete WSI library literature is listed in the main catalogue of the University Library. This online catalogue contains the inventory of all department libraries as well as the Central Library.

If you know the title, the author or the subject of a book, you can easily find its location via the main search menu.

Researching Classification Numbers

Our systematology  (see library main page) will help you find literature within a specific classification number. For this kind of search you need to follow two steps:

STEP 1: If you are searching for journal articles or monographs that have the same classification number, please select in the search field on top ‘[SYS] classification code’ and enter the classification number you are looking for.

Example: If you type in ‘sys E 750’ you will find literature on European fundamental rights:

Research Screenshot

Be aware that classification numbers with a slash ‘/’ need to be entered with an additional backslash ‘\’. This will look like this: ‘\/’.

Example: The classification number ‘sys 3330\/1’ will give you a list of all general books on conservation and environmental protection:

Research Screenshot


STEP 2: If you are searching for monographs with the same shelfmark, please select in the search field on top ‘[SNG] shelfmark’.

Example: With the shelfmark ‘sgn 2169\/150?’ you will find general literature (mainly monographs) on human rights. Don’t forget to write the backslash after the slash and the interrogation mark at the end.

Research Screenshot


Other Useful Hints

If you are looking for journal articles, you will have to note the title of the journal, as well as the volume, year of publication, and the pages. The classification number alone will not help you find a specific article, as the number only consists of the journal’s format (4 or 8) and the journal’s first letter, e.g. 4°P, 8°Z.

You can find the Library’s recently purchased publications here (in German).

Please scroll down to the second list of ‘Neuerwerbungslisten einzelner Fachbibliotheken’ and select ‘am Walther-Schücking-Institut für Internationales Recht’ in order to view the new purchased publications:

Research Screenshot


If you are researching literature on a particular subject only available in our Library, you can restrict your search by entering in the search field: ‘sto 8:4’ (‘8:4’ is the identification  of our Library) and adding the subject you are looking for – e.g. ‘und swo Menschenrecht’. With ‘sto 8:4 und swo Menschenrecht’ you will find literature on human rights:

Research Screenshot


For more tips and assistance on how to research books etc., please consult the extensive search page. If you need more help or have questions regarding the inventory of our Library, please do not hesitate to ask one of our Librarians.