German Yearbook of International Law: Vol. 60 (2017)

Vol. 60 (2017) opens with an obituary for German diplomat and international law expert, Antonius “Tono” Eitel (1933-2017).

The Forum Section examines the relationship between African States and the International Criminal Court.

The Focus Section discusses new ways for international law to cope with the dehumanisation of activities.

A Special Section on the First Walther Schücking Lecture introduces papers presented at the ensuing workshop with Professor Philip Allott: “Towards Utopia – Rethinking International Law”.

The General Articles Section deals with questions concerning international climate litigation and different modes of State involvement in serious violations of international law.

The German Practice Section addresses topics including same-sex marriage under the Basic Law and the European Convention on Human Rights, the Assad regime in German courts, and the application of the offence of insulting foreign heads of State in light of the proceedings brought against satirist Jan Böhmermann.

We thank all of our authors for making this volume possible.

Duncker & Humblot, Berlin 2018
152,90 €, 834 Seiten
ISBN (Print): 978-3-428-15658-0

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