Studying in Kiel

The Kiel University is the oldest and biggest university in Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost “Land” of Germany. It is located in the state’s capital city Kiel [in German] which is picturesquely situated on the “Kieler Förde”, a bay of the Baltic Sea.

As a foreign student you are free to choose your lectures from numerous excellent courses in so far as your study program is not governed by your home university.

Law Faculty

The Law Faculty currently has 19 full-time professors. Additionally, practitioners (judges, lawyers etc) give numerous lectures.  Altogether the Law Faculty offers a far-reaching course programme in law with numerous possibilities to specialise. Fundamentals of law, like history and philosophy of law, economic law and international/comparative law are the faculty’s topics of research and teaching, many professors of the faculty are leading scholars of their discipline in Germany and beyond.

Key Focus on International Law and Comparative Law

The Faculty’s special focus lies in the area of international and comparative law. The Walther Schuecking Institute for International Law is one of the most famous and biggest university institutes of public international law, currently chaired by three professors. The Institute of Eastern European Law is the sole German Institute specialized in civil and economic law in Eastern Europe as well as in post-communist countries in the Caucasus and Central Asia. The Institute of Private European and International Law and Civil Procedure [in German] is run by two professors held in high esteem internationally, who are specialised in national and international property law, international civil procedure and international banking law. Yet another Institute deals with International and European Social Law [in German]. The majority of the professors of the Faculty put emphasis on international or comparative law, as, for instance, philosophy of law in the international context, history of law in Europe, comparative history of law, international criminal law, or European economic law.

Lectures and Foreign Language Courses

The Faculty’s lectures are usually held in German, but several lectures are also offered in English (as, for instance, public international law, international arbitration and Anglo-American law). The number of lectures held in English is permanently increasing. In addition, the University of Kiel offers various German language courses for foreigners (complimented by an intensive summer course), which are open to participants of the LL.M. and ERASMUS programmes.

The City of Kiel

Apart from these academic qualifications, Kiel is in many aspects an attractive location to study: The Baltic Sea offers many options for sports and recreation. The “Kiel Week” is a big annual event in northern Germany. The Schleswig-Holstein Music Festival attracts music fans from all over the world in July and August. Hamburg, Lübeck, Copenhagen, southern Sweden are nearby and Berlin can be reached in just over three hours by train. The airports of Hamburg and Lübeck are located within a distance of less than one hour by car or bus.