ERASMUS and LL.M. programmes at the Faculty of Law

In our increasingly globalised society a constant international exchange of ideas is essential – particularly in the academic world. In view of the host of legal questions arising in the international context, skills relating to foreign legal systems and languages along with an understanding of cultural differences are of special importance for approaching the solution of problems in academic and practical matters.

With its research focus in international and comparative law, the Law Faculty of the Kiel Christian Albrechts University offers a unique and attractive programme of lectures to foreign students. As a foreign student you are free to schedule your lecture programme according to your interests. Additionally, a tutorial programme and excellent language courses are provided, which enjoy great popularity.

In the framework of ERASMUS the Law Faculty of the Christian Albrechts University of Kiel maintains a large range of partnership agreements with European universities in order to enable students to experience and contribute to this exchange of ideas.

The LL.M. programme, too, offers graduated students from abroad the possibility to work in the academic world, to deepen their understanding of the German language and to participate in the cultural life of Germany.

As an ERASMUS student from Europe or LL.M. candidate from any country throughout the world, you are cordially invited to study at our university!


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning the programmes of the law faculty:

ERASMUS/LL.M. Office:  Carmen Thies
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